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Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy MBCT)

MBCT combines Mindfulness and CBT principles to aid people dealing with mental health issues like depression, anxiety, stress, and chronic pain. 

I use the strategies and techniques of MBCT to help my clients focus on the present moment, accept their thoughts and feelings without judgment, and respond to them in a more positive and helpful way.

On this page, I will share the benefits of using MBCT in psychotherapy and life coaching and describing how it has helped one of my clients, Adam * (not his real name).

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How does MBCT help?

If you think back to the worst thing that happened in your life, I guarantee you survived it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this now! Now, if you look back and reflect on all the time you spent worrying about that thing happening before it happened or feeling down and low because it happened, how much time was lost to feeling bad and not being able to actually do anything about it?

MBCT teaches us how to live in the moment and helps combat the negative aspects of natural defence mechanisms. Our bodies produce these to protect us, but sometimes the signals they give us aren’t helpful. I go into more detail about natural defence mechanisms here.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) helps us to understand how our thoughts, beliefs and behaviours can actually hurt rather than helping us. When you explore this area from a calm and rational mind, the process is much quicker and easier. 

Mindfulness also allows for a state of deeper self-awareness, as the calmness it brings can create breaks from the busy-ness of overthinking. We feel overwhelmed with so many demands on our thoughts from others talking to us, answering emails, social media, the tv, and can only ‘switch off’ when we are asleep. Too much busy-ness of the mind can even prevent that!

  • Group MBCT sessions v one-on-one sessions

    MBCT is often used in personal therapy but also lends itself to group work, as learning the techniques can be so beneficial for mental health and wellbeing. 

    During group sessions, participants learn specific mindfulness practices, such as focusing on their senses, body scanning, and breathwork, which help to reduce stress and anxiety. Participants also learn how to identify and correct negative thought patterns in a more positive and helpful way which can prevent future stress, anxiety, and depression.

    One success story is that of Adam (name changed for confidentiality), a successful business professional who struggled with chronic overthinking, anxiety, and panic disorder. After completing an MBCT program, Adam learned to manage his thoughts and learned to respond rather than react to the pressures of his work in a more positive and constructive way. He could put an end to his anxiety and panic disorder, feel relaxed and enjoy life much more, and achieve better career success, and much better relationships.

  • As you can see, MBCT can help individuals manage mental health conditions by learning to focus their attention on the present moment. They become more aware of their thoughts and feelings without judgment and learn how to think and act in a more beneficial manner. It can also calm a stressed, over thinking mind before states of anxiety and depression even begin. If you are struggling with mental health issues, MBCT may be a treatment option worth exploring.

  • I am looking for MCBT Therapy near me

    I provide in-person MCBT therapy sessions in Comrie, near Perth, Scotland. I also provide on-line sessions if you prefer.  Please get in touch if you would like to find out more and book a session.

    What is MBCT? 

    A: MBCT is a type of therapy that combines Mindfulness and Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help individuals who suffer from mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, stress, and chronic pain. It involves learning to focus on the present moment and accept thoughts and feelings without judgment.

    It involves creating a deeper awareness of our feelings, thoughts and actions and how we can improve these to help us function better in life. It promotes feelings of peace and calmness and improves our ability to focus.

    Who can benefit from MBCT? 

    A: MBCT can benefit anyone who is struggling with mental health issues, and it has been effective for individuals who suffer from recurrent depression and/or anxiety and panic disorder.

    Is MBCT suitable for everyone? 

    A: MBCT is suitable for most people, but it may not be appropriate for those with severe mental health problems or those who cannot practice mindfulness because of cognitive or physical impairments.

    What is the duration of an MBCT program? 

    A: I typically deliver MBCT in a group setting and it comprises eight weekly sessions, with each session lasting for two hours. However, it can also be delivered over 6 shorter (one hour) sessions covering the basic techniques of mindfulness followed by 6 further more advanced sessions working on the cognitive aspects of MBCT. The program is an immersive experience, allowing participants to develop new skills and techniques for managing their mental health symptoms.

    Further, more advanced programs can also delve deeper into self-awareness in relation to spiritual development.

    Is MBCT a replacement for medication? 

    A: MBCT is used as a standalone treatment or in combination with medication. It is important to discuss treatment options with your healthcare provider.

    Can MBCT be learned online? 

    A: Yes, MBCT can be learned online through courses and programs that are designed for this purpose. While online MBCT may not provide the same level of interaction and support, MBCT online courses are specifically designed to provide the same level of effectiveness as in-person therapy, while providing convenience and accessibility to individuals. These courses are composed of pre-recorded videos, guided meditations, and interactive elements, such as online forums and live webinars. This type of learning provides individuals with the flexibility to complete the program at their own pace and from the comfort of their own home.

    Another significant benefit of MBCT online courses is that they allow individuals to access therapy from anywhere in the world, removing geographic barriers to mental health support. With the availability of online courses, individuals can now access therapy regardless of where they live or work.

    These online courses offer individuals the chance to learn mindfulness-based cognitive therapy from trained therapists. Online MBCT courses are an excellent choice for those who cannot attend in-person therapy or fixed time group sessions or prefer the privacy and confidentiality of working on their own, when they choose, at their own pace.

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