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Conditions that I can help you with

Here are just some of the conditions and life challenge areas that I help with. When we are working together I may address a combination of difficulties that you are facing unless you specifically request to only work on one. 

Anxiety is a natural response to stresses in our life.

It is what causes us to act in times of danger, such as jumping out of the way of a fast moving car when crossing the road and it also motivates us to avoid certain outcomes such as undertaking study for an exam to avoid failure. 

Anxiety becomes a problem when it starts to interfere with our daily lives and hold us back from doing the things we want to do. 

Find out how to recognise anxiety in the body and how it may be causing issues for you


Confidence is part of your mindset but you can have a positive growth mindset and still lack confidence and it therefore deserves investigating for it's own sake.

We all lack confidence at times, especially when facing something new in our lives, however some people experience a chronic lack of self confidence that prevents them from achieving all they want to in life. It can prevent us experiencing the best out of education, work, relationships and friendships.

Find out how I can help you with your confidence

Panic disorders are characterised by the feelings of anxiousness and experiencing sudden panic attacks. Panic attacks can appear out of nowhere without a reason, your body becomes overwhelmed with both physical and mental symptoms.

These symptoms include: sweating, racing heartbeat, feeling faint, chest pains, shortness of breath, dry mouth, ringing in your ears, dizziness and numbness or pins and needles; etc. Panic attacks can range from being a couple of minutes long to around 20 minutes and the frequency varies with each person.

Experiencing a panic attack for the first time can be very frightening, however, it does not result in any actual physical harm.

Find out how to recognise panic in the body

Life Balance

Life balance is often overlooked as we strive to do more and more in our busy lives. However if our life is out of balance we can soon start feeling pressure from the areas we are neglecting.

Creating a healthy life balance can help us achieve everything better as we begin to approach everything in a happier, calmer and more fulfilled way.

Find out more about how I can help you find your life balance


When your life is out of balance you can often feel overwhelmed, exhausted, unmotivated and generally unhappy. You may be heading for complete burnout, or suffering high levels of anxiety or depression. Take this quiz to see how balanced your life is and where you can make the changes now!

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